White People are 53 Billion Times More Important Than Black People

Either I’m Crazy Or white people are 53,143,523,868 times more important than black people. I’ve attempted to calculate the disparity media devotes to covering white verse black lives and have termed it The Black Gap. While groups like Black Lives Matter highlight that a discrepancy obviously does exists, my Black Gap numerically quantifies it. Once The Black Gap is zero, Black Lives Matter can finally say that black lives matter as much as white lives.

To calculate the Black Gap I first made a list of all the missing white children that I could recall who have made national headlines: Jonbenet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart, Madaline McCann, Caylee Anthony and Natalie Holloway. I then made a list of all the missing black children. To be honest, it took me awhile, and I only thought of one. Avonte something. I had to Google to find out his full name is Avonte Oquendo. To refresh your memory (I’ll assume you are familiar with the white children) this is the tragic case of the child with Autism who went missing after leaving his school and was later found dead.

5 white names to 1 black name (1/2 a name honestly). Your list may differ. Regardless, 42% of missing children in the US are black and my list is only 16.6% black. 56% of missing children are white and my list is 83% white. This discrepancy is my Black Gap phenomenon. Black children are underrepresented on my list by a factor of 2.5 while white children are over-represented by a factor of 1.5. Combine them for a Black Gap of 3.75.

More name recognition for you; PFC Jessica Lynch. Sound familiar? Likely. How about Spc. Shoshana Johnson? Shoshana Johnson is the American soldier who was shot, captured, and held prisoner until her rescue after her convoy became lost and was ambushed in the opening days of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Jessica Lynch was also in the convoy, but was not shot, nor exactly rescued. Confused? Read this.

It is impossible to objectively quantify that the US government would rather lie about a white soldier’s life being endangered than tell the truth about a black soldier, let alone ignore the 11 soldiers, including Lori Piestewa, who died during the attack (as an aside, female soldiers matter much more than male soldiers). To avoid this, I had to simply rely on Internet search results. A Google search on the black soldier (you already forgot her name, didn’t you?) yields 402,000 results while a search on Jessica Lynch yields 20.9 million, or 52 times more. 52 multiplied by our previous 3.75 gives a new Black Gap of 195.

A search of Paris Attacks gives 297 million results or 2,284,615 articles for each of the 130 deaths. A search of Baga Attacks, which killed potentially 2,000 and lasted several days only gives 400,000 results, or 200 articles per death. Both were terrorist attacks by similarly inspired Saudi / Wahabbi Islamist terror groups. The main difference is that one occurred in a predominately white city and the other in a predominately black city. Ignoring the number of Facebook users that added a French flag to their profile, Paris Attacks generates 11,423 times more results per death than Baga Attacks giving us a new Black Gap of 2,227,485.

A similar situation is comparing the Rwanda Genocide (1.34 million results, 800,000 dead) to Bosnian War (67 million results, 95,900 dead). This gives a Black Gap total of 932,342,524.

Even the United States’ recent discussion of gun control is inherently bias and speaks to the importance of white lives over black lives.  Without fail, mass shootings are always mentioned when discussing gun control. However, mass shootings, while horrific, represent a small number of gun deaths nationwide, but receive a disproportionate share of the headlines. The following is an interesting read: 2015 Mass Shootings the Sky is Not Falling. But, why do we care about mass shootings? What is the impetus? Because. It is the only real time that white people have to worry about being shot. In the mall. In the movie theatre. At college. Gun control is not about saving lives, it is about saving white people’s lives. If gun control was about saving all lives, there would be a serious discussion about addressing the illegal drugs that fuel most gun crime. How to quantify this? Who knows. So I won’t. However, it is time for a new and related list.

Make a list all of mass shooters who have been arrested. I can think of 3: Colorado movie theatre, South Carolina church and Planned Parenthood shooters. They are all white people who actually killed others. Compare this to Tamir Rice, the black 12-year-old who was shot instantaneously for having a bb gun, and I think this is worth at least a Black Gap factor of 3 for a new number of 2,797,027,572.

And what to do about the white people who took over a government building in Oregon? They are still alive. Since January 2nd. That is 19 days ago at the time of this post. Let’s give that a factor of 19. If that seems too high, disregard the white people breaking the law armed with assault rifles if you can give the actual reason Freddie Gray was arrested in Baltimore prior to his death while in custody. My Black Gap is now at 53,143,523,868. In other words, white people are 53,143,523,868 times more important than black people.

Never heard of the Baga Attacks I referenced? It’s ok. It’s not your fault. The US media was obsessed with something called Deflategate, which I am not sure is named that in jest or seriousness. A story about the National Football League, an entity that has zero black team owners, white only commissioners and despite 68% of its player’s being black, has chosen white MVPs 65% of the time over the last 20 years completely consumed the media’s attention.

My Black Gap math is probably off. It could go up or down. It is not wholly scientific. But overall, I thought of this post idea on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it is a very somber feeling to see a number attached, to see how far the country is from a Black Gap of zero. Ridiculous terms aside, it is somber to see how far the country is from equality.

If you are curious – Deflategate – over 2 millions results, 5 times more than Baga. Of course black lives matter. Just not as much as a football.

Thank you for reading. Be sure to click the hyperlinks – Chris Childers

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