This election has been boring


Either I’m crazy or this election has been boring.  Horribly boring.  And I understand that Clinton and Trump supporters are animated.  Or perhaps more aptly stated, the anti-Clinton and anti-Trump voters are agitated.  An election based upon hate. Regardless, everything about this election has been predictable.  And everything after this election will also be.  Predictable and boring.  All of this is much ado about nothing.  All of this won’t matter much in the overall scheme of any important issue.

Boring Nomination Process The Republican Party nominated somebody who acts like an imbecile. This is news? Has the country forgotten George W. Bush? People criticize Trump’s inability to speak coherently. Again, has the country forgotten George W. Bush?  Am I the only person left who still does not like him? What is supposed to be exciting, that the GOP nominated a billionaire? Has the country forgotten Romney? (And yes, of course Republican billionaires are bad and Democratic billionaires are good).  The Republican base has a disdain for establishment politicians (to their credit) and went with a complete outsider, albeit in this case, a touch too far.  The richest white person won. Boring.

Speaking of boring, the Democratic Party nominated another person named Clinton. This is exciting? It has happened before, literally.  Boring. While the GOP does not like insiders, the Democratic Party loves insiders.  It feeds on them.  It needs them.  It was even boring  and unsurprising when leaked emails showed that former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was working against Bernie Sanders.  It was still boring when it was found out that her replacement, Donna Brazile, was giving Team Clinton questions ahead of her debates with Bernie.

But overall, boring. You didn’t think Bernie had a chance, did you? Clintons have always beat Progressives (read this: Clintonism Screwed the Democrats: How Bill and Hillary Gutted Progressivism).  The richest white person won. Boring.

Boring Conventions In addition to being boring, both conventions were pretty much the same.  Same exact schedules.  Including when BFF’s Chelsea and Ivanka both gave the same middle class speech despite being wealthy from their fathers and being married to hedgefund managers. They are essentially the same person. Boring.

Both sides paraded on stage the parents of dead children, either killed by illegal immigrants or killed by police.  Both sides pretended to care about our military, but let’s be honest, chances are every American can name more Kardashians than people who have earned the Medal of Honor.  But apparently the highlights of these things are supposed to be the candidates’ speeches.

Yes, the speeches.  Either I’m crazy, but I don’t find it enthralling watching adults read speeches that somebody else wrote for them. In high schools we call this cheating, or at the very least, lazy.  Boring.

Global Warming The next president will again not believe in Global Warming.  Republicans typically do not believe in Global Warming at all, or if they do, they do not believe that it is caused by people. I believe at one point Trump called it a Chinese conspiracy.

Democrats pretend they believe in Global Warming, but also reject the science behind it. Scientists do not say that Global Warming is a small threat.  Or a distant threat. Or a threat that needs a future plan. No, scientists are saying that if we don’t address this immediately we may ruin Earth as we know it (read this: Last Chance to Limit Global Warming to Safe Levels).

What is worse, not doing anything because you don’t believe in Global Warming, or not doing anything while you do believe in Global Warming?

If Democrats believed in Global Warming would the US, under Obama, have drilled for enough oil to even make Sarah Palin blush? (Read this: How Obama Become the Oil President).  If Democrats believed in Global Warming would they love fracking? (Read this: Natural Gas Won’t Reduce Global Emissions Much or read this: Hillary Clinton and Climate Change Pro-Fracking). Expect the use of fossil fuels to only increase under President Hillary or President Trump. Drill baby drill.

Ignoring Climate Change. Again. Boring.

Wall Street Wall Street will pretty much do whatever it wants. Again. As always. Boring.  And yes every good Democrat knows that Bush is to blame for the housing crisis in 2008 because he repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, exempted credit-default swaps from oversight and forced banks to lend money to poor people. Just kidding, those were all things that Bill Clinton did. Let’s be honest Democrats, in your heart of hearts, do you think it was the Democratic Party or the Republican Party that wanted to help poor people buy houses? (Read this: 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis).

Both parties are in the pockets of Wall Street. Both parties are in the pockets of corporations.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie will be locked away until they are needed again in 2020. And as she outlined in her now not-secret Wall Street speeches, Hillary will allow into Congress the powers that be at Wall Street to write the regulations to game the system in their favor.  Another administration where Wall Street reigns supreme. It is the same reason that in the midst of the housing crash, then President-Elect Obama allowed Citigroup to dictate who the president will appoint to various positions.  Wall Street will always dominate over Main Street.

Money in Politics Expect the money in politics to only increase.  Ignore the words from the Democrats and look at their actions.  The DNC changed an Obama precedent to again allow contributions from federal lobbyists. The Clinton machine has been in operation for 40 years and favors need to be paid. (Read this: The Clinton’s Old Attack Dogs Have A Profitable New Role).  Bernie chose not to have a Super Pac. Hillary colluded with hers. And that is all you need to know. 

More Wars The main job of the president is foreign policy.  But yet, Obama, the man who decried the Iraq War, chose as his VP in Biden and Secretary of State in Clinton 2 Iraq War supporters. And rumor has it that if the Dems win the Senate, Chuck Schumer, another Iraq War voter, will be the majority leader. Both parties love war. Hillary has the same foreign policy as Dick Cheney. And if Trump does manage to win, I doubt he will pass up the chance to use the military. After all, Americans love a wartime president.

Although I suppose shooting down Russian planes in Syria and the prospect of nuclear war is a little exciting, the fact that Americans will see over 54% of their income taxes spent on our military is boring (Read this: We Just Killed More Syrians than Killed in Nice, Hate Aladdin and Love War).

It Doesn’t Really Matter If you were hoping the election might address Climate Change, the power of Wall Street, the power of money in politics or our constant obsession with war you are going to be disappointed. Every other issue in this country can simply be framed as a byproduct of one of those 4 issues.

The same problems that existed under George HW Bush existed under Bill Clinton and then existed under George W. Bush and then existed under Barack Obama and will exist under Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Perhaps the fact that by 2020 the Oval Office will have had potentially only 3 last names over the past 32 years could be part of the issue. But more oil drilling. More fracking. More military spending.  More debt.  More partisan half-truths.  More of the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and the middle class realizing the inevitable descent into a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

Trump. Clinton. Republican. Democrat. There will be winners, but the loser will without a doubt be America.

Totally predictable. Totally boring.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to click the hyperlinks ~ Nick

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