Fascism is Left Wing

Takis j. pepe

The greatest single success of the Democrat Party has been its ability to convince so many otherwise Conservative and freedom loving patriots that Liberalism reflects their views for equality and prosperity of the nation.  Yes, I do great but necessary injury to many self-proclaimed Liberals when I say they have been duped into believing their beliefs are aligned with the Left when they are in fact better represented by the Right.  I rest much of this argument on the contention that they do not truly understand Conservative and Liberal values and I recognize the insult inherent to the claim.  Yet I argue that the ability of Liberalism to mislead so many intelligent people, even some of great genius, speaks to the power of the deception, not the foolishness of its followers.   

                Where does one begin to unravel such a deception?  It was constructed one lie at a time…

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