2017 Democratic Party: Like a supermodel with chlamydia. Part 1.

Dear Democrats,

Elections should be easy for you. Should be. But your party is like a supermodel with chlamydia; a lot of positives but overall a bad choice. A lot of good, but too much bad. From Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the environment, Meals on Wheels, Wall St. regulations, Obamacare (somehow), your ideas are actually popular. However, you still manage to lose in spite of how idiotic the GOP acts. And save your outrage – I’m trying to help. Obama helped bring the slave trade back to Libya and it has taken you 30 years to admit Bill Clinton is a rapist so please, spare me your ‘Democrats are the smartest people in the room’ routine.

I know this may be a bad time. You are busy trying to fix the DNC (hard to argue you can run the country when your national committee is a disaster). And you are, for some odd reason, needlessly preoccupied making up terms like “cultural appropriations” and “white beauty” so that transgender pumpkins are the only acceptable Halloween costume for white kids. Despite your busy schedule, I do hope you can find the time to appreciate my suggestions.

Stop the Infatuation with Scandinavia Donald Trump could wear a KKK robe while clear-cutting the Sequoia National Forest to harvest lumber to renovate the Mar-a-Lago bathrooms and still win re-election if you keep espousing the joys of taking 80% of every American’s income.

Look Democrats, Scandinavian countries average an effective tax participation rate (all taxes paid: income, sales, property etc.) of 80% compared to 36% in the US. They have national sales taxes of 25%. What’s worse, that Mitt Romney (you know, the guy you made fun of when he said we should keep an eye on Russia) said 47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes (which is true) or that you want to dramatically raise taxes on that 47%?

Ignoring the hypocrisy of your current “white people suck” mentality while you fantasize about ethnically non-diverse, exclusively white Scandinavians, I’ll keep it simple. Tax the rich? Sure, if $50,000 is rich. Scandinavian countries tax middle-class incomes at their top rates. Denmark taxes income of $50,000 at the top rate of 60% while in the US the top rate begins on income of $400,000 at 39.6%. Help the poor? Sure. They get a tax break; income at $8,000 is taxed at the bargain rate of 40% in Denmark. Norway has slightly lower taxes thanks to their $900 billion North Sea oil fund though “Fossil fuels are horrible but Norway is great!” is not logical.

Mitt Romney didn’t even paint the full picture with his 47% comment; the bottom 40% of US tax filers have a negative income tax rate (more money back via a ‘refund’ than paid in taxes due to credits). An income tax rate of 0% would constitute a tax increase let alone your Scandinavia stupidity.

Denmark, Bernie Sander’s favorite country (don’t tell him Denmark has low corporate taxes, is virulently anti-immigration and doesn’t have a minimum wage), has a 180% tax on car purchases. Since you struggle with understanding the basic math of the Electoral College, I’ll explain: a $20,000 vehicle costs $56,000 after taxes. And you probably thought people in Denmark simply like riding their bicycles everywhere.

Democrats, the premise of your party is that Congress, the entity with an 11% approval rating, should have more of voters’ money and more of a say in their lives. Republicans just shrug their shoulders and basically argue, “Yeah. We stink. Politicians stink. The government will just waste your money” while you are running on a platform of, “Politicians are awesome so give us more of your money. Also, ignore that congress has a secret, taxpayer funded slush fund for sexual harassment complaints and high-tax California is structurally bankrupt and high-tax New York can’t operate a subway.” Republicans have an advantage because they combine their bad ideas with tax cuts while you combine your bad ideas with tax increases.

Free stuff is your supermodel and tax hikes are your chlamydia. It’s almost as if you’re trying to lose elections.

Illegal Immigration This is the single greatest reason you lost to Trump (besides nominating Hillary) so try not to burn down your local Starbucks after this quote by some guy named Barack Obama: “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people waiting patiently.” By today’s Democratic Party standards then Senator Obama was a racist (or just a liar). Peter Breinart (relax Snowflakes, it’s not Breibart) sums up the “Uh oh we are going to lose to Romney and need the Hispanic vote” switch better than I in his piece How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration.

How you are fine with having 1/3 of the students in some Chicago schools be illegal immigrants is beyond me. Or how sanctuary cities take pride in releasing from detention people like Sergio Martinez, a person who has crossed the border illegally 20 times and upon his latest release raped 1 woman and was re-arrested while in the process of raping another. Sanctuary cities are minor compared to the new fad of striving for a sanctuary nation because apparently something called citizen privilege is now wrong. And you have to be a special kind of stupid to think illegal immigrants are not a $100 billion plus yearly tax burden for citizens.

I’m going to glance over those issues and focus just on the border security. Look Dems, if you were smart (or just cared about the USA) Pelosi would have been on the border with a shovel last year starting the wall. Or fence. Anything. If Hillary had said, “Donald is right. We need better border security” she would be president. Even Chris Mathews, MSNBC host, in an election night bout of clarity couldn’t help but state the obvious that unchecked illegal immigration is a horrible political strategy.

Worried about drug overdoses? Fun fact: US officials seized enough fentanyl at the border with Mexico last year to cause 45 million overdoses.

Worried about gangs such as MS-13? Fun fact: the US just arrested 214 MS-13 members and only 16 were US citizens. Which American citizens are most likely to be killed by MS-13? Hispanics, but please, tell me again how it’s the GOP that is racist.

Dems. You. Just. Can’t. Have. Open. Borders. Or whatever the hell you call it when Obama started making Border Patrol release people they caught at the border into the US. Trump has decreased illegal border crossings by 70% mainly by the novel idea of making people turn around at the border. Here is a Washington Post article from 2014 that I’m surprised they haven’t BleachBit yet (that’s a Hillary email joke) that points out illegal immigrants were rushing to the border because Obama granted everyone “permiso” to stay in the US.

Another tip: stop with the sob stories detailing how violent Central America is as justification for not deporting people then argue against the need for border security. The thought process “Trump is a monster because he said some Mexicans are rapists. Also, it is cruel to deport Juanita because Mexico is full of rapists, murderers and violent drug cartels” is not logical. Look Dems, if voters have to choose between open borders, de facto open borders or wall, wall wins. That’s not a theory of mine – Trump won, Geniuses.

Democrats, illegal immigration is going to continue to sink you when tied to your other policy ideas. Free college tuition? For who? Every illegal immigrant who walks across your open borders or overstays a visa?

And Democrats, either I’m crazy or “Higher Taxes for Free Health Care for Illegals” is especially not going to win in 2020.

Medicare for All Donald Trump’s health care plan could be to let DACA recipients stay in the US only if they promise to function as organ donors for rich, white people and still win re-election if you insist on Medicare for All.

What the hell is wrong with you? It is impressive that you can screw up health care more than Republicans. You could just play Obamacare defense and be better off. Instead, your 2020 front runners decide to endorse, in Medicare for All, a plan that just last election you derided heavily in the press while also ignoring that regular Medicare is already headed towards insolvency.

Democrats, you can’t complain that Republicans ignore science while you ignore economics. The details of your proposed Medicare for All bill are fanciful (and given you ban private insurance it’s more communist than China). No copays. No deductibles. No cost sharing. Dental. Vision. Free free free. You have to be bat shit crazy to think you are going to save money by creating the world’s most expensive health care plan. Stop lying by pretending you can magically provide more health care, for more people for less money (again, you might want to rethink including the entire population of El Salvador once they walk across your open borders).

Fortunately for you I have already addressed this in my post It’s Basic Math: You Can’t Lower US Health Care Costs. I’m not going to rewrite the post here. I’ll just point how easy your single payer plans will be destroyed in a national campaign.

Costs, Dems. It comes down to costs. Medicare for All has what it called “soft support.” People are for it, but turn against it when it includes tax increases on themselves. California, the bluest, craziest state in the US doesn’t support tax increases for health care. Free health care: supermodel. Telling voters higher taxes: chlamydia.

Every time the GOP threatens to repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate you claim they are “kicking 13 million people off their health insurance.” 1) It’s a stretch to say it is kicking people off when these people don’t want it. 2) If Obamacare is so great why do you have to force people to buy it? 3) It demonstrates people really don’t want to pay for health care.

Who are these people who don’t want to pay for health insurance? Millennials. And they supposedly like you and like socialism. Their Obamacare payments are usually less than their monthly cell phone and tattoo bills and they can’t even be bothered to pay for health care. Their “We love socialism but don’t take my money” perspective is asinine but significant.

Who pays taxes? People with jobs. Who has health care? People with jobs. Who likes their health care the most? People who have it through their jobs. You are not going to win by telling people with health insurance they are going to bear one of the largest tax increases in US history in order to lose their employer based coverage they enjoy.

Americans don’t want higher taxes to pay for health care. It is what it is.

And the attack ads will just write themselves. Filmmaker Michael Moore loves the UK’s National Health Service. I’d love to hear his take now that he s not eligible for care. The overcrowded and understaffed NHS has banned obese people and smokers from surgery. “Medicare for All, Except Fat People” is not the best slogan for 2020. Who is most likely to be obese in America? Black people and Hispanics, but please, tell me again it’s the GOP that’s racist.

Mark my words Democrats: if you run on Medicare for All Donald Trump (or whoever they run) will destroy you in 2020.

Stay Away from Women’s March / Everything is Sexism You people became outraged that there were not enough women or lead actors of color  in the movie Dunkirk. For a group that talks (non-stop) about fascism and Nazis your lack of WWII knowledge is astounding. You won’t be happy until Jada Pinkett has the lead role in the next Abraham Lincoln movie.

For the record, I’m a bigger feminist than any woman who attended the Women’s March (by Women’s March I really mean the Only Women Who Voted For Hillary And Support Abortion Welcomed March). Among the thousands of signs I sadly didn’t see one advocating for women to register with Selective Service, a.k.a The Draft. The greatest, most blatant case of sexism by the US government and women don’t care? Even Hillary herself doesn’t think women are equal to men in this regard. Don’t worry ladies, if you like marching, you’re going to love the military.

Actually, you better really like walking because if the Democrats have their way you won’t be able to drive. According to the organizer of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, “Sharia law is reasonable and once u read into the details it makes a lot of sense. People just know the basics” and “10 weeks of PAID maternity leave in Saudi Arabia. Yes PAID. And ur worrying about women driving. Puts us to shame.”

Yes, Sharia law and Saudi standards of treating women are great. Trump grabbing your vagina would be the least of your worries. But hey, less driving means lower carbon emissions so there’s that.

That’s correct. A bunch of Democratic feminists were convinced to march for women’s rights by someone who believes women are inferior to men. Maybe Sharia Law isn’t that bad. After all, according to Sarsour, “You’ll know when you’re living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans & credit cards become interest free. Sound nice, doesn’t it?” Sounds great for the GOP anyways.

The Women’s March is the epitome of my supermodel with chlamydia logic. Women’s rights? Good. But then the whole lot of the Women’s March organizers are psychopaths.  The NYTimes detailed much of their hate-filled insanity in its piece When Progressives Embrace Hate. Read it before you wonder why people don’t want you in charge.

Of the 3.5 billion women in the world, did you have to have Donna Hylton speak? She spent 25 years in jail for raping, torturing and murdering a man. After she and her friends sodomized the victim with a 3ft pole she told police, “He was a homo anyway.” But please, tell me again it’s the GOP that hates gay people.

I got off track. Back to the Left calling everything sexist (besides Sharia Law). Stop with the wage gap nonsense. Women earn 70 cents blah blah blah. Stop insulting women; how bad of employees do you think women are that employers would pay 30% more to higher a male? Regardless, yes, all of the women added up in the country earn less money from employment than all of the men in the country.  Women work less hours at their jobs. Women have babies. And then spend time with them. Women also choose  lower paying fields and even in fields they dominate, such as education, only a minority of female teachers pursue higher paying administrative degrees. Pilots make more money than stewardesses but when was the last time you were on a plane with only female pilots and only male stewardesses?  There has been more females than males in college since the 70’s – pick better majors for Christ’s sake already. Quit being pediatricians if you want to make as much as other doctors.

And as an avid reader of everdayfeminism.com I apologize for my cissexist statement that only women have babies (see below). But hey, there’s always Saudi Arabia.

Transgender I disagreed with Obama when he said, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman” and I’m woke enough to know that the acronoym LGBTQ is actually short for LGBTTQQIAAP.

But Democrats, we have to talk about the term cissexist. I’ll explain.

It is  expected Democratic Party terminology to use the term cisgendered, or cis, for people who keep the sex they were assigned at birth. It can be used in a sentence like in this DNC staffer email for a job posting: “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males since they’re already in the majority.” Someone is cissexist, or cissexist, by their biases because they grew up cisgendered.

It’s kind of like white privilege for heterosexual people.

No big deal. Except you never stop Democrats. You now call heterosexual men cissexist if they do not want to have sex with a trans women. Confused? Read this: Don’t Like Women with Penises? You Need to be Reeducated.

This. Is. An. Actual. Democratic. Position:  Julio, from Guatemala, should be allowed to walk across the border and receive food stamps while recovering from his Medicare for All, taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgery. Also, if men are not attracted to  newly created Julia they should be criticized as being cissexist.

That might not win you back Ohio.

The military ban – of course I feel badly that transgender people (potentially) cannot serve in the military. I do. But I don’t feel any more badly than I do that people with ADHD can’t join. What’s the difference?

The thought process “I’m outraged that people with a medical diagnosis of Gender Identification Disorder who require surgery, ongoing hormonal treatment and medications can’t serve but I’ve never cared for a second in my life that people with a medical diagnosis of ADHD who took Ritalin in high school can’t join” is not logical. Hell, you can’t be sworn into the military if you have an unfilled cavity.

Either you care that people with medical needs like ADHD and diabetes can’t join, or you don’t. Giving trans people more rights than other people who take medication is as biased as whatever bias you think you’re mad at.

Stay Away From Faux-Liberal Hollywood Celebrities The thought process “Trump voters are stupid but I’m going to hang out with a bunch of people who believe in Scientology” is not logical but in general, extremely wealthy people who are protected by armed male security teams while living in carbon emitting mansions surrounded by walls while sending their children to exclusively white private schools with zero illegal immigrant students may not be the best people to promote your middle-class-environmentally-friendly-open-borders-anti-vouchers-gun-control-anti-male positions. Just saying.

Celebrities pretend they love liberal positions but something tells me they wouldn’t want to have a 115 pound security guard named Emily armed with nothing more than a pink vagina hat drop Junior off at Public School 106.

Gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg uses 12 armed security guards. Mark Zuckerberg criticized Trump’s proposed border wall but promptly built a wall to border his $100 million,700 acre Hawaiian property. Al Gore lives in a 10,000sq foot mansion that pollutes 20x the average home while like-minded environmentalist Leonardo Dicaprio uses private jets like they’re Uber. When Obama is on Richard Branson’s yacht, are yachts green and corporations no longer evil? Jay-Z wears Che Guevera t-shirts because nothing says “I’m against police brutality” like idolizing a murderer who supported brutal communist police states with no freedoms, killed gay people for fun, wanted to see American cities nuked and thought black people were inferior to white people. Dems, just stay away. Nobody likes hypocrites.

Free Speech More importantly and specifically, your penchant for being against it. Your asinine “If you’re not open minded shut up” mentality is horrific, such as your recent escapades at Berkeley where even the Washington Post couldn’t spin the headline and reported Black-clad Antifa Members Attack Peaceful Right Wing Demonstrators.

I’ll keep it simple. Elie Weisel (if you don’t know who he is, he survived the Holocaust and his family did not) has stated that the 1st Amendment is non-negotiable, and in America even Holocaust deniers have the right to free speech. He believed this because he knows the actual Nazis gained power by suppressing free speech. It is how every oppressive government in history has done it It. Is. That. Simple.

Yearbooks removing Trump shirts or Trump quotes, or teachers calling Trump shirts swatzikas and forcing students to turn them inside out. Survey after survey demonstrate that Democratic students are the most intolerant on college campus. You break down at the site of a Trump hat (not to digress, the hats are probably the greatest political marketing move in history) to the point you forcibly grab and throw them away.  Your logic ‘Trump is too unstable for the nuclear codes but a hat made me have a meltdown” is embarrassing. The new liberals are not open minded; they’re narrow minded and pathetic.

Your Alt-Left Antifa morons who as far as I can tell are 20-year-old white kids in Dolce and Gabbana sweatshirts go hand in hand Howard Dean tweeting “Hate speech is not free speech”. Yeah, it is. That’s the point. I don’t want the same political wing of the country that includes people who think eating animals is murder being the arbiter of what is hate speech any more than I want the crazies in GOP or any government to decide. Free speech is free speech, Snowflakes. We’re supposed to be the country of “I disagree with what you say but I’ll defend your right to say it” not “I disagree with what you say so I’m going to dress in black and beat you.”

Don’t think you’re anti-free speech? Finish this sentence: “Fidel Castro was a dictator who killed and imprisoned hundreds of thousands…….” You probably said something like “but he provided free health care!”

Repeat after me. Say this out loud, literally. I know this is hard for you, trust me, I used to be one of you. But say, “Cuba is bad. Killing people for their political beliefs is bad. Imprisoning people for their political beliefs is wrong. Using violence to shut down free speech is wrong.”

And if you can’t endorse that, I sincerely hope you continue to lose.


All right, Democrats. Congratulations. You’ve made it through Part 1. Part 2 is in the works. I’m exhausted – I didn’t fully realize the breadth of your insanity. I’ll probably lead off Part 2 talking about gun control and let’s be honest, I’ll weave in illegal immigration a few more times.

Thank you for reading. Be sure to click the hyperlinks. – Nick


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