I’m Calling BS on “Shithole” Outrage

I’m calling BS on everybody losing their minds over Trump (maybe) saying some countries are shitholes. For starters, some countries are indeed shitholes. You wouldn’t take $1 million to move to El Salvador. You know why? Shithole.

But I’m mainly calling BS because nobody cared when Obama bombed Libya and turned one of the most successful African nations into a 4th World shithole. I’m making up the term 4th World. It’s like a 3rd World shithole with the addition of anarchy (except where there is Sharia Law), beheadings, multiple civil wars, ISIS, malnutrition, disease and slavery. A country whose only attribute is being close enough to Italy to allow people fleeing other shitholes to risk drowning by trying to cross the Mediterranean in floats designed for backyard pools.

Slavery. Real slavery. I’m not talking your run of the mill New York City, illegal Chinese immigrants¬†doing manicures for $1 a day slavery (by the way, nice job running New York, Dems). I’m talking slavery with chains. And whips. And buy a slave and rape them slavery. Slave auction slavery.

But either I’m crazy or I don’t remember anybody losing their goddamn minds at this. Either I’m crazy or it is complete BS that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper cried over the word shithole but somehow did not die from despair over Libya being destroyed.

Just a bunch of Africans though, right?




  1. Since the majority of media won’t hold their feet to the fire…they can ignore the criticism till the fire dies out; Its so frustrating. But the larger independent news grows, the weaker this tactic becomes. Thanks for being a part of it

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