Wanted: Redheaded Asian

This whole president thing has gotten out of hand. And this infatuation with the office is contributing to our political discourse. In our 2 party system half the country is always apoplectic because it’s not controlling the White House. And everybody is constantly demanding and expecting the president to address their political wants.

And this is ridiculous.

The presidency was not, and is not, designed for this. Their responsibilities should be simple and narrow:

Play golf. Try not to get the US nuked. Try not to nuke anybody. Play golf. Nominate federal judges from a list of names other people give you. Read speeches other people write for you. Sign bills into law after they pass congress. Or not. It’s called a veto. Pardon a turkey. Play golf. Have a photo taken in front of people selected to show diversity. Don’t forget an Asian and a redhead. Have staffers try to find a redheaded Asian. Talk with other nation’s leaders. If you have to kill people, ask permission from congress. Pay for all of this.

And that, is well, pretty much it.

For all the issues everybody is outraged about there is a better way. A less divisive and  more efficient way; your state and local government. Instead of marching on D.C. head to your state capitol. Added bonus – less carbon emissions.

Everything the federal government can do your state government can do. And likely better and more timely. Want gun control? Talk to your governor. My own state, NY, passed its own version of an assault weapons ban. Want armed security at your school? Take it even more local; your school board can make that decision this week. No need to waste time and energy looking to Washington.

Your state, your city, even your town can have its own minimum wage. No need for D.C. to debate a wage that makes sense for Laramie, Wyoming and Manhattan, NY. Paid Leave? Abortion regulations? Fracking? Pipelines? College aid? Coal burning power plants? Homeless housing? All things your state can do. Universal health care? Yup, that too.

The one major exception is foreign policy and use of military force. However, since the country becomes preoccupied with issues like school bathrooms (again, see your school board) we give the president a complete pass. One US artillery unit has fired 35,000 rounds in Syria. We bombed Libya. We’re helping the Saudis bomb Yemen. And none of this has been approved by congress albeit a vague use of force authorization. From 2001. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security are mathematically insolvent but we are ignoring these important, adult issues of the nation because congress is distracted by items states are better equipped to address.

On the anniversary of Trump’s first year in office people gathered to yell at the sky. First, to my dear friends on the left, either I’m crazy or acting like a lunatic is not the best argument you should have the nuclear codes. But second, if you want to yell, go ahead.

But odds are, it’s easier for your state and local government to hear you first.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to tell me I’m crazy and / or share the post. View my homepage here.

Thank you – Nick




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